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About Pastor Kevin Johnson

Pastor Kevin E. Johnson has been in Christian ministry for over 30 years. He stands in the offices of Prophet (as the Spirit wills), Evangelist, Pastor, and teacher. His great passion is to know God and to in turn make him known. In addition to this blog, Pastor Johnson preaches wherever doors are opened, publishes a weekly teaching e-mail, and is a contributor on

Brother Kevin and his wife are also members of Family Worship Center (FWC) Media Church. They also serve the Lord in a small local church in their area.


4 thoughts on “About Pastor Kevin Johnson

    1. Hi Susana,

      Ministry is about function not titles. I function as a prophet as the Spirit wills. I have operated in the Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, prophecy, as well as insight into the prophetic Word and trends.

      Bro Kevin

  1. Kevin,

    I saw read recently that you have distanced yourself from John Fenn after having been a member of his house church network. What were the reasons for this? I ask because I, too, have had some reservations about the “words” he is receiving as well as some of his theology.

    As for John being word of faith, he seems to have left that behind. He even got on my case in March 2010 over something that I had written to him in an email and he said my understanding was “so word of faith. and its wrong.”

    What do you do for church now? House or traditional?

    1. Hi Gary,

      My reasons for distancing myself from John Fenn is the fact he seems to be led by his “visions” and appearances of the Lord to him. I fear he and others who engage in this might be opening themselves up to familiar spirits or “another Jesus.” I’m not sure if he has distanced himself from WOF theology or not, but he definitely is associated with the so-called NAR (New Apostolic Restoration) movement.

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