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About Pastor Kevin E. Johnson

Pastor Kevin E. Johnson has been in Christian ministry for 29 years. He stands in the offices of Prophet (as the Spirit wills), Evangelist, Pastor, and teacher. His great passion is to know God and make Him known. In addition to this blog Pastor Johnson preaches wherever doors are opened, publishes a weekly teaching e-mail, and does much one on one counseling and discipling.

Pastor Kevin teaches a weekly Bible class at the local church with which he is affiliated.


8 thoughts on “About Pastor Kevin E. Johnson

  1. Pastor Kevin I recently heard you on the Sid Roth radio show and was interested in some information about you and church without walls international.I believe that we the children of God need to get back to how true worship started.Like you have been lead to do.Your story grabed my attention in that you said that you were lead by the holy spirit to start this ministry.I have read throught the holy bible once and I’m nearly finised reading throught for the second time now.As I’m in 1peter now so any help you can give me would be greatly accepted your brother in our LORD JESUS CHRIST JEFF PRATT

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for your kind words. It wasn’t me that you heard on Sid Roth, but the founder of Church Without Walls, John Fenn of Tulsa, Oklahoma. My wife and I do lead a house church that is affiliated with Church Without Walls.

      To contact John and to get more information on Church Without Walls, International, visit

      Also, I am very glad to hear that you are reading through the Bible. Keep it up dear brother. If I can assist you with that, please let me know.

      Pastor Kevin

  2. I was checking out your blog today and noticed the banner across the top…so as inquisitive as I am, I decided to check it out. In the last line of the first paragraph you wrote: and does much one on one counseling and disciplining.” What type of disciplining do you do that involves someone from the net as an example? Or do you mean you disciple people? Just curious about what you are saying.

    Also, I’m curious how you are affiliates of the Church without Walls? Is that the church Paula White is part of? Is the one in Tulsa the church Larry Lea started? We lost track of him years ago and am curious where he is and what is happening with him by now. His teaching on prayer was phenomenal. We used it in our couple’s home Bible study years ago.

    Oh, by the way…I like the Revelation graphics. Neat!

    And also, while I have your ear…thanks for the good Word Sunday. Gotta get back to work.

    Pastor Mary Ann

    1. Hi Pastor Mary Ann,

      I need to correct the information in the “About” section. This was put out there when we had our house church. “Church Without Walls” is NOT associated with Paula White or Larry Lea (his church was “Church on the rock”). It was the house church network we were a part, but no longer are.

      The only counseling I do today, per se, would be with folks at work or family and friends.


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