I greet you once again in the Name of Jesus!

It has been a really LONG time since I have posted any teaching here. As I posted some time back, I have been very busy writing a book on Revelation that I have entitled, “Journey to the End – Revelation Revisited.” The manuscript is completed, I have applied for a copyright on the material, and I will be publishing as an e-book first on Amazon, and then a bit later on the Nook and I-Book platforms. My goal is to have a print book out in early 2016. I am self-publishing this work, and there are a number of expenses involved with doing that, that aren’t necessarily involved with publishing with a standard publisher. I would really appreciate your prayers, as I believe this is an important message to get out in the hour in which we live.

As we look around and see all that is happening in the world, as we listen to and read the news; it becomes clear that we are living in the days the Prophets spoke of. I sincerely believe that we are living in the time of the end.

Sometime this week I am going to be posting a new study in our ongoing study on, “Dispensations.” Please watch for that, again later this week.

Keep looking up saints! Jesus is Coming!

Pastor Kevin