I have not posted much here on the BLOG site, and have not published any teachings in over a year. Did I fall off the edge of the Earth? No, I have been writing a detailed book that I am tentatively titling, “Revelation Revisited.”

This is a verse-by-verse, chapter by chapter teaching with material I have never covered before in teaching through this last book of our Bible.

I am happy to announce that the initial writing of the book is completed! I am now seeking those who will help in my effort to self-publish this work. I need to raise the funds for this project. I have set it up so that any interested persons can contribute as little as $1.00 toward this book project.

Will you prayerfully consider helping?

Here is where you can go to help get this book published and into the hands of hungry hearts everywhere.


Pastor Kevin

P.S. – New teachings will begin soon!