Group: Egypt’s churches targeted in attacks

Aug 22, 6:11 AM (ET)

CAIRO (AP) – An international human rights group has chronicled
attacks on 42 churches, dozens of Christian institutions and schools
as well as homes and business owned by Christians amid an intimidation
campaign believed to be waged by supporters of ousted Islamist
President Mohamed Morsi.

In a new report, New York-based Human Rights Watch said Thursday that
authorities are “largely absent or failed to intervene” when churches
or properties come under attack. The campaign picked up on Aug. 14
when police violently cleared two protest camps set up by the deposed
president’s supporters in Cairo. The crackdown sparked nationwide
violence that left hundreds dead and thousands injured.

The group said that most of the anti-Christian attacks were
concentrated in southern Egypt. At least three Christians and one
Muslim were killed as a result.

Source: My Way News