I share this post by Fred DeRuvo by permission of the author. I believe Bro. DeRuvo hit the proverbial “nail on the head” with this post.

Pastor Kevin E. Johnson


I wish I knew what God’s plan for America was, but I truly don’t know.  I know how I’ve been praying, but the Lord is at the helm and His purposes – not mine – will prevail.

I have been praying that this country experiences a change in leadership.  I do not believe that what we have had for the past nearly four years has been good at all.  Obviously, there are many who disagree with me and they’re certainly entitled to their opinion.  But the larger question is what does God think?  What has His plan been?

I look back over the past few years and I distinctly recall the promises that were made to Americans in 2008.  We were told we would see an administration that was the very meaning of transparency.  We have not seen that at all.  In fact, we are still waiting to see college transcripts from the individual who sits in the Oval Office.

We were told that the man who would later take up residence in the Oval Office would unite the races.  We have seen the exact opposite occur.  In fact, the race card has been played more often than I can remember during anyone’s political career.  In short, things have gotten worse between the races and that is tragic.

We were told that the deficit would be cut in half, the economy would improve drastically, and jobs would become plentiful.  None of those things have happened.  In fact, the exact opposite has occurred.  Not only was the deficit not downsized, but 6 TRILLION dollars was added it it in less than four years.

Joblessness continues to be a problem with no real end in sight.

Recently, we heard from the man in the Oval Office about his plans for the next four years, if re-elected.  He says he can cut the deficit by 4 TRILLION dollars over the next decade, but if we consider that in less than four years, he added 6 TRILLION dollars to the deficit, cutting four trillion doesn’t bring it down to what it was before he took office.

As I read over the transcript of Mr. Obama’s speech at the DNC, I was very aware of the fact that he spoke with numerous platitudes that really do not define how he intends to do anything.

He spoke of two expensive wars – wars that he got the United States into, I’m assuming.  He did not specify which wars he was talking about.  Afghanistan?  Libya?  Northern Africa?  Iraq?

In other words, Mr. Obama’s speech was exceedingly vague.  He held out hope, but like he did in 2008, he hung his hat on words and phrases like “Change is Coming!” leaving each person to decide for themselves what that meant.

He says that we must have strong ties with Israel while pursuing peace, yet he’s not done that.  He has literally shoved Israel under a bus every chance he got.  Even now, he tells them that he will not support Israel if they attack Iran, in spite of the fact that Ahmadinejad continues to publicly threaten to annihilate Israel with nuclear armaments.  That is not what I call supporting an ally.

People in the Democratic party wrongly believe that Mitt Romney will turn back the clock on civil rights.  This is in spite of the fact that Romney’s father actually marched IN Civil Rights protests along with many others and including numerous black leaders.  I’ve seen nothing that would tell me that Romney is opposed to Civil Rights.  People like Eva Longoria have come to a different conclusion though.

I know that many Christians are concerned for this country.  I am one of them.  However, I think our calling remains to be concerned for individual people.  It is easy to become sidetracked into thinking that if we only had the “right” folks in Washington, DC, all would be well with America.  I think we have crossed a line, from which we really cannot return.  I also believe that if we focus on that change that has occurred within this country, it can leave us emotionally paralyzed.  Because of that, we will lose sight of the fact that we are here, behind enemy lines if you will, with the mandate to introduce lost souls to Jesus Christ.

The Great Commission as a mandate is very interesting.  It is not dependent upon the whims or changes within society.  It stands for all time as the mandate for Christians everywhere.  We are to witness to the lost and dying by our actions and words.

I think it is relatively easy for Christians to lose their appeal when things in society are going well.  In other words, I think it’s more difficult to be a consistent witness for Christ when there is peace, when no one has heard of Islam, when Socialism remains deep in the background.  These things give us the false notion that God is at work.  Certainly, He is at work, but He is always at work.

One of the more interesting things I see in Scripture is where there is great persecution, there is a great response to the gospel.  Is that what God is planning?  Is that the direction in which He is moving?

In Revelation 7, we read about the sealing of the 144,000 Jewish evangelists.  These are used by God to spread the gospel of His Kingdom.  Interestingly enough, immediately following this, the scene switches to heaven where we see a multitude – “a great multitude which no one could count” (v. 9) – who had been killed on earth and who were now before the Lamb.  They are martyrs for their faith in Christ.

It would seem that persecution does more to save people than good times and peace.  It’s way too easy for fallen human beings to become enamored with this world during good times.  We tend to forget that our purposes here on earth are not necessarily to have a career, start a 401k, live life to its fullest, then die.  We are here as authentic Christians to introduce dying people to the King of kings in order that they might receive the same salvation that we have.

So, I return to my original question.  What does God have planned for America?  Will Mr. Obama be re-elected, continuing to play some purpose in God’s overall plan?  If so, we can be assured that – as Mr. Obama was overheard saying on a hot mic – he will move far left.  Frankly, I’m not sure how much further left he can go, but apparently, there’s room to move there.

Or, God may be so inclined to move Mitt Romney into the Oval Office.  I wish I knew, because I have no idea.  I tend to think there will be a change this November, but I’m simply making an educated guess.  I’m not speaking as a prophet, because I am not a prophet.

I do know this:  God will only allow the things to transpire that move His purposes to fruition.  If Mr. Obama does not do that, he will be replaced with someone who does.  If Mr. Obama is found to be useful to God, then he will remain.

The temptation is to think that we – as Christians – need to move this country back to some ideal setting of what we believe it was in the past.  God is moving toward the fulfillment of all of His remaining promises.  While I know in general what those promises are, I do not know all the details as to how they will occur.  This doesn’t mean we should avoid voting.  It doesn’t mean that we cannot comment on what we believe is wrong with our society.  Yet, we must do it to honor God, not humanity.

In the meantime, let’s continue to seek His will and the lion’s share of that is preaching the gospel – in word and deed – to those who are perishing.  It’s something I need to continually remind myself of as well.