End Times News Update
Sign: False Prophets (Camping just won’t stop)
Scripture: Matthew 24:1
News Source: Christian Post
Harold Camping Doomsday Wrong Again; Now on to December 2012?
By Luiza Oleszczuk | Christian Post Contributor

As Oct. 22 dawned on the world, another Rapture date prophesied by
California-based Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping turned out
to be a dud, which did not surprise much of the public already
familiar with the Bible teacher’s false prophecies.

After his doomsday prediction of May 21 and a massive advertising
campaign arranged by Camping and his Family Radio International, the
broadcaster, who claimed he had discovered the key to a numerical
dating code contained in the Bible, has become a target of mockery and
general antipathy.

Most evangelical Christian leaders have renounced Camping and his
false preachings. The Rev. Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First
Baptist Church in Dallas, even said in a Thursday interview with The
Christian Post that the radio founder and host should be “muzzled” for
his false prophecies.

Camping was also targeted by his former followers who spent all of
their savings on the May 21 doomsday campaign; these people reportedly
expected they would no longer need money. In his radio Q&A show, Open
Forum, in which Camping used to reply to callers’ questions, he was
attacked by one such dismayed listener on May 23. Other callers were
simply deeply disapointed.

“In my case, I don’t know what it means to be faithful anymore because
I am really disappointed,” a listener said at the time. “I was one of
those 200 million, Mr. Camping, that was praying for that day to come,
not only to finally go be with the Father but also to finally see
judgment like you said in the Good Book.”

Many wonder what will now happen to Camping and if he will recalculate
some more for a new doomsday prophecy. A religion scholar who studied
doomsday prophets told CP on Oct. 7 that it is unlikely anyone will
pay any more attention to Camping.

Source: Christian Post