I received this from Andrew Strom’s “Revival List” e-mail group. I have taken some flack for posting things from him in the past. At the risk of that I share the following because I believe it rings true for all of us in America today.

Pastor Kevin

-Andrew Strom.

Since I published my “Updated 14 Predictions” there have been
some people questioning- “Does Andrew hate the USA? Why
is America at the center of these prophecies?”

The reasons are very simple. But first let me say that I love America
and it is one of my favorite places on earth. But this does not
stop me seeing the influence that America has been ‘broadcasting’.
By far the biggest reason why God has me speak to America in
this way is because she is the ‘LEADER’ in the earth.

It used to be, only 50 years ago, that America mostly spread good
things and stood for righteousness far more than evil. But in the
last 30 years American culture has changed so much that the
“righteousness” she is broadcasting is far outweighed by the moral
sickness and perversion. And she is the ‘Leader’.

To give just one example of this, the worldwide Pornography
industry is based out of America – and makes billions of dollars
by spreading perversion and lust around the planet. And that is
only one example. It is the ‘YOUTH’ worldwide that are getting hit.

But why was America at the center of the “bad” financial prophecies
that I put out? Well – it is hitting Europe just as bad. But it is true –
America is at the center. Here are further reasons-

– It is not because I “hate” America. I love the place. And the
“heartland” of that country has some of the most wonderful people
I have ever met.
– But America is the “Leader” in the earth – and this makes for
greater influence and greater RESPONSIBILITY. The Bible says
that Leaders will receive a “stricter” judgment. This is exactly what
is going on with America right now.

– Also the financial crisis began in the USA.
– And I was living in the USA when I published most of those
predictions. They will hit other nations, but America is a primary
target. Why? Because she is the LEADER. And though she used
to be an influence for good, she is now broadcasting a flood of
lust, materialism and sickness around the globe.

– People do not realize how all-pervasive American culture is –
especially amongst the youth of the world. When American
culture turns sick, it affects the entire planet. The youth of the
whole earth watch American music videos, TV, pornography,
movies, games, etc,- day and night. It never used to be this sick
but now it is. And it is no exaggeration to say that today America
is the number one source of spiritual sickness and corruption
amongst Youth worldwide.

You might say- “But other countries are “bad” too. Why pick on
America?” I say again that it is because she is the “Leader”. And
everything she does influences the nations of the whole earth.

America is also the only historic “Land of Revivals” that the West
has left. And she is the “SPIRITUAL” leader in the earth also. For
generations now the church worldwide has looked to the USA for
leadership and teaching in Christianity. Now this too is corrupted –
and for 30 years now the USA has used its influence to spread
“Prosperity” teaching and all kinds of spiritual compromise to
other countries – more and more.

I do not believe God can simply sit back and allow this to go on.
He HAS to act – and I believe He is. If America will not come back
to Him through mighty Revival, then judgment is at the doors.

I do not believe I am “picking” on America in saying these things.
She is the ‘Leader’ and everything she puts out is affecting the
whole globe. She is also accountable to God for all He has given
her. “To whom much is given, much is required.”

For a long time now, God has been watching this mighty tree that
He planted turn slowly “poisonous” in its spiritual influence on
the earth. The “poison” has spread far and wide. He has decided
on a massive ‘pruning’ operation – to prune the tree right back and
hope it comes right. If this does not work, He will cut the tree
down. A tree that He loved and nurtured from a tiny seedling. A
tree that used to spread so much good in the earth. If this great
“pruning” does not work He will tear it down because it is bearing
such “poisonous” fruit which now outweighs the good.

This is not to say that America does not produce “good” in the
earth still. There are wonderful godly people and godly works still
based out of that great nation. Its just that for some time now,
the spiritual and moral “poison” coming out of her has more and
more outweighed it. And this can no longer be allowed to continue.

I truly hope you are not offended, my friends. I hope you can see
that a watchman must cry out what he sees. And this is one of
the most important things that I see happening in the earth today.
Please understand.

I write these things truly out of love, not hate. -Out of hope, not malice.

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God bless you all!

Andrew Strom.