End Times News Update
Sign: Gog Alliance (Turkey is turning)
Scripture: Ezekiel 38:2-9
News Source: BBC News
Turkish, Israeli premiers trade criticism

Apr 7, 3:10 PM (ET)

PARIS (AP) – Turkey’s prime minister stepped up criticism of Israel on
Wednesday and scoffed at remarks by Israel’s prime minister, a sign of
escalating distrust between the Jewish state and its only ally in the
Muslim world.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was ending an official visit to France to
boost business ties and bolster negotiations for his country’s entry
into the European Union, has repeatedly criticized Israeli policies
since its attack on the Gaza Strip last year.

Erdogan told reporters in Paris that he perceived Israel as the
principal threat to Middle East peace since the Gaza offensive, which
killed around 1,400 Palestinians.

In Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu retorted he was “sorry
that Mr. Erdogan chooses to attack Israel again and again.” Such
repeated criticism doesn’t serve the interests of stability and
advancing relations in the region, the Israeli premier said.

Erdogan dismissed Netanyahu’s remarks, saying they highlighted
Israel’s growing isolation.

Israeli authorities “never question themselves,” Erdogan told
reporters. “All they do is question what other political leaders say,”
he said through a translator.

“Not a day goes by without them being right… they’re always right:
that’s how they view themselves, but that’s not what the rest of the
world thinks,” Erdogan said.

Erdogan also warned against more international sanctions or the use of
force with Iran, accused by the West of conducting an illegal nuclear
enrichment program.

He said he wouldn’t comment on a new set of possible sanctions due to
be discussed soon by the U.N. Security Council until they were made

But he said on principle, Turkey will continue to oppose more
sanctions. Turkey is a rotating member of the Security Council.

“We want everything to be solved within the framework of international
diplomacy,” Erdogan said, stressing that Turkey has been “friends with
Iran” since a 17th century treaty.

Erdogan was speaking at the end of a conference with French business
leaders, whom he invited to invest more in Turkey.

The prime minister also spent several hours in talks about the G-20,
Iran and the European Union with French President Nicolas Sarkozy on
Wednesday. Erdogan hopes strong business ties and closer diplomatic
efforts with France and Germany will eventually help reverse the two
countries’ opposition to Turkey’s membership.

Associated Press writer Sylvie Corbet contributed to this report.

Source: My Way News