I re-post the following from L.A. Marzulli’s blog site. I re-post this by permission of Dr. Marzulli. He shares a word about getting our houses in order for the coming storm on the earth. I believe this is to be a “right now” word from God that is being echoed by many in the Body of Christ today.

BTW, if you have never checked out L.A. Marzulli’s blog, I highly recommend it and follow it daily myself. Find it at: http://lamarzulli.wordpress.com.

Pastor Kevin

OK. Maybe I’m getting a little paranoid. Maybe I’ve been on to many exo-poltics Web-sites, in the wee hour of the morning. Perhaps my unsettled feeling is the result of the research I’m doing for the new 2012 book, I’m working on. Maybe it’s my Gall-stones doing the tango in my gall bladder that is waking me up in the middle of the night. Who knows, it could be a combination plate, with lots of Salsa on the side!

          It’s Monday and over the weekend the Iranians were going at it. For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the thumbnail. There’s major unrest, in that country, as tens of thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets in protest of the recent elections. Many believe that the elections were a fraud and that the votes of the people weren’t counted. There is also talk of Britain and the United Sates aiding in the unrest. We wouldn’t be trying to initiate a regime change would we? Certainly we have no history of doing such a thing, right?

          Then there’s Korea. The Nut-job, who thinks he’s god, and runs the country, has threatened to launch a missile toward Hawaii, on July 4th. What is he thinking? Then there’s the Korean ship, the Kang Yam, that may have nuclear material on board. Where is that heading? We’ve sent a destroyer to intercept, if it appears that there is nuclear material on board.

         The United States Government is just about bankrupt, as it continues to print money out of thin air and charge you and me, the taxpayers with not only paying it back, but paying interest on it. Yes, the monster from Jekyll Island is alive and well. Recently there were some posts that came across my desk that exposed the recent Bildeberger meeting. The goal is supposedly to break the back of the USA by collapsing the dollar. Hello New World Order! There is a saying, California sets the tone for the rest of the country. Well, if that’s true, California is just about bankrupt, it’s a mess and is about to collapse.

      I know, that’s a lot of bad news for a Monday morning, but I really think it’s going to come down soon. Here’s what to do. Get your house in order. Here’s a few suggestions to implement immediately. 

1. Stock pile food, about 6 months worth. This is what my grandmother did and it just makes sense. When the trucks stop rolling the food will disappear, off the shelves in about three days. Look what happened when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana. People starved. Trust me, you’re not a nut case if you do this. It’s the smart thing to do.

2. Get together with people who are like-minded and talk about how you would pool your resources together. Make a list of assets and make sure there’s plenty of water and food.

3. Arm yourself. This is our second amendment rights. I live near Los Angeles and when the riots hit, after the Rodney King verdict, the shops that had rifle barrels pointing out of the second floor windows weren’t looted and burned. No, your not a fanatic if you own a gun, you’re protecting your family and your goods.

4. Try to get out of the city if you live in one. They’re the first places that will be under Martial Law.

5. Plant a garden and stock pile some seeds.

6. Keep at least $1000 cash in the house. When the banks shut down you won’t be able to get your money out.

7. Keep you car filled with gas and keep some gas cans filled with gas.

8. Stock up on propane. If you have a BBQ you can cook most everything on it. 

In closing: Being prepared is the smart thing to do. It’s not being paranoid, it’s being aware that we are living in tumultuous times and getting our houses in order should be a priority!